Past Projects: FILM & VIDEO

Documentary Film: FLOW

CHALLENGE:  Use film to tell the story of the corporate takeover of freshwater resources around the world, by companies like Nestle and Aquafina. Investigations include locations in South Africa, Michigan, India, and Bolivia.

RESPONSE: STORYhouse founder Holly Spaulding appeared in the film as the co-founder of Sweetwater Alliance and worked with director Irina Selena and other film team members as a researcher and fixer on location in South Africa and Bolivia.

OUTCOME: Flow premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and received international acclaim around the world including the Grand Jury Award at the Mumbai International Film Festival and the Grand Jury Award for Best Documentary at the United Nations Film Festival.

Springfield Superintendent Daniel Warwick

Springfield Superintendent Daniel Warwick

The Springfield Promise

CHALLENGE: Translate Springfield Superintendent Daniel Warwick's five-year vision document to video for a targeted audience of school teachers, administrators, and members of the public.

RESPONSE: STORYhouse reformulated the document into a video script and worked with district administrators and members of the Springfield community to craft the video, filming on locations across the city.

OUTCOME: Video successfully launched in masthead position on Springfield's SEEDS/Common Core front page.

Teacher Video Training Series

CHALLENGE: Use video to communicate the importance of a critical two-part teaching improvement strategy for the Springfield, Massachusetts school district. The strategy combines the high-stakes effective educator development system of evaluation for teachers with the equally high-stakes federal Common Core standards adopted by Massachusetts and supported by Springfield's teacher union.

RESPONSE: STORYhouse deconstructed SEEDS and Common Core technical and evaluative rubrics to understand both systems, then translated key components of those systems into easily understood video content for the target audience of teachers.

OUTCOME: Series of 20 videos shows highly proficient teachers instructing in live classroom situations, edited together with interview footage of teachers explaining methodology and techniques. STORYhouse conducted all interviews and supervised animation, edit, and final packaging.

250-pound striped marlin off New Zealand         Photo: Matt Rigney

250-pound striped marlin off New Zealand       

Photo: Matt Rigney

Nonfiction Book Trailer

CHALLENGE: With limited time and budget, create a two-minute nonfiction book trailer for use by international publisher, Viking/Penguin, for promotion of In Pursuit of Giants.

RESPONSE: STORYhouse founder Matt Rigney selected HD video clips from archive and third party sources, scripted narration, performed voice over, and supervised final edit and delivery.

OUTCOME: Book trailer successfully launched on YouTube host site as well as author page, Twitter and Facebook.