STORYhouse Partners began when we asked ourselves "What do we do best?"

The answer: STORY.



Born a poet, drawn to the music of words, Holly is a former creative writing professor, long-time editor of a literary journal, and an award-winning writer and researcher. A savvy innovator with expertise in written content development, aesthetics and public presentation, she is a recognized leader who spurs ideas, nails deadlines, and sustains the vitality of groups and projects. 

In addition to her work with STORYhouse, Holly directs Poetry Forge (Massachusetts) and Poetry Boot Camp (Michigan), where she offers writing intensives and craft workshops, as well as a manuscript incubator for writers working on book-length projects. Holly is the founder of LIFE/form, a personal advice and creative consultancy, as well owner of Hende, a jewelry design studio. 

Accomplishments: As co-founder and media spokesperson for Sweetwater Alliance, a Michigan coalition dedicated to the protection of essential freshwater resources, Holly spearheaded statewide, grassroots support for a movement against a multi-billion-dollar global corporation that had begun diverting the state's water commons for private profit. During her time with Sweetwater, Holly helped expand the organization to six chapters with thousands of supporters; researched, synthesized and disseminated information on the ecological impacts of water privatization; and traveled to international summits and conferences in more than seven countries, where she presented on grassroots organizing strategies and how to build creative campaigns that unite diverse interests around common values. She also provided messaging and media support to a high profile, legal suit brought by a partner organization, and worked with constituents to educate the public on the issues of this precedent-setting case.

For five years Holly worked as part of a small team of filmmakers to produce the international award-winning documentary, Flow  (Dir. Irena Salina, 2008), about the global water crisis, and was a frequent source for other films, television and radio programs on the same issues.

Her writing appears in the book We Are Everywhere (2006), from Verso Press, and her collection of poems, The Grass Impossibly (2008) was awarded publication by Michigan Writers Cooperative Press. Her latest collection, Pilgrim, is due out in 2014 from Alice Green & Co.

Holly has conducted trainings in consensus decision-making and direct action; built independent media infrastructures for print, radio, and web, and written for The Nation, The Ecologist, New Internationalist, Michigan Quarterly Review and other publications.

Holly is also the founder of LIFE/form, a personal advising and consulting business dedicated to helping clients establish greater equilibrium, better habits, and good strategies for finding contentment and fulfillment in their creative and personal lives. LIFE/form’s mission is to provide sane guidance in a world gone mad.

Specialties: Sees new solutions to challenges. Spurs creative breakthroughs among her students, clients and collaborators. The look, feel and atmosphere of everything we make or do. Project management. Client service.

Defining characteristics: Class. Nimbleness. Equanimity.

Alter egos: Environmental lawyer. Designer. Spy.   

Curious Facts: Placed third in an All-Ireland women's bouldering competition~Grew up on an off-the grid homestead so she knows how to chop wood, carry water, make maple syrup and get most places on foot~ Boldest move: Left her job, home and community to move 1000 miles for love.